Our Competitive Advantage

Over 70 years experience and vertical integration is an industry rarity. At PAT Tank,our seasoned staff and vertically integrated organization limits our dependence on outside third parties thereby providing our customers with superior quality, reliability and flexibility at competitive rates. Our engineering, drafting, fabrication, construction, maintenance, repair and modification expertise provides customers a sole-source solution to their storage tank requirements.

  • Long tenured employee base provides exceptional experience and stability
  • Limited third party use or need to rent equipment, allows for the sharpest pricing
  • Company owned fabrication and transportation provides maximum flexibility in order to accommodate customer service requests and schedules
  • In house engineering & design provides customers a sense of ownership and commitment to the project
  • Exceptional safety history and rating is attractive to all new & existing customers
  • Company owned facilities
    • Fabrication and warehouse facility – 30,000 square-feet
    • Laydown/work yard – eight acres
    • Office building
  • Company owned equipment
    • Field Operations – Mobile Cranes, generators, welders, air compressors, etc.
    • Fab Operations – Plasma cutters, plate rolls, angle rolls, break presses, etc.
    • Transport – Full fleet of tractors, trailers, trucks, etc.